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Precision machine shop Bauer Ltd. - turned and milled parts in the highest precision and surface quality

Our production possibilities:

  • we process all types of machinable materials
  • from simple 2-axis technology, to the complete machining on lathes with up to 15-axis technology processing rods in the diameter range from 3mm to 65 mm (from 0,12 to 2,56 inch)
  • production of eccentric parts with arbitrary eccentricity in continuous operation
  • lining work in the diameter range from 65 mm up to 160 mm (from 2,56 to 6,30 inch)
  • grinding, honing and lapping the inner and outer surfaces of details to obtain their high quality cooperating with competent partners
  • no restriction regarding materials and surface finishing
Eccentric production from rods

Complete machining of complex and eccentric form elements on multiaxial, turning and milling centers

Example parts from our production:


Furthermore, we undertake development tasks ...

... to improve the static and dynamic strength, wear resistance and appealing look of our product. As a member of the Association of Development, we have access to the latest development results in manufacturing technology and machining, as well as surface processing.

Our excellent price-performance ratio achieved by:

  • implementation of the production process using modern, innovative technology
  • usage of the highest quality machines
  • reliable and on time delivery
  • helpful advice on quality improvement and cost reduction of the product if requested
  • guaranteed storage of finished products if needed.